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Job Poster

All payments are made online using either your credit card or PayPal account. We pass on the 2.9% + $0.45 card processing fee for paying with PayPal or credit card.

For example: On a $40.00 job your card will be charged $1.61. Hive will pre-authorise the payment of $41.63 against your card. Once the job is complete you can confirm the original amount or alter it (up or down) as agreed with the worker. We will then deduct the amount specified plus the card processing fee.

Hive Worker

Once a job is completed and payment has been released by the Job Poster, we will deduct a Service Fee of 7.90% of the job value and transfer the remaining balance instantly.

For example: On a $40.00 job Hive will deduct a Service Fee of $3.16 (7.90%). You will instantly receive $36.84 as soon as the job is completed in to your PayPal or nominated bank account.