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Job-match site set to be next big thing

Job-match site set to be next big thing

The next big thing in community connectivity could be set to take off from little ol' Whangarei.

Hive, a job-matching enterprise started by Whangarei mum-of-two Vanessa Wilson, is growing fast and gaining the attention of industry peers.

The internet-based business won the Northland Inc Innovation Award - Emerging Business category in this year's Northland Business Excellence Awards.

The judges said Hive was moving through its development phase and showing significant potential.

Hive was ready to enter the market in a scalable way capitalising on a global opportunity to support a new way of working, they said.

Mrs Wilson describes Hive as a social marketplace to discover odd jobs, people and the services you need from individuals nearby.

Hive connects people in the community to help one another so people can make money or find the right person in minutes, Mrs Wilson said, who got the idea for Hive while searching for a gardener when she was setting up another business, Deloraine Cattery, located on a hectare of parklike grounds.

"I thought, there's got to be someone out there that needs a job but for whatever reason hasn't advertised their abilities," the 38-year-old said.

She took her idea to Facebook, and the Hive concept was born.

The business is based at the Orchard, with several local developers working remotely.

They are currently finetuning systems live at myhive.nz.

Mrs Wilson said Hive workers come from all sorts of backgrounds from near-retired people looking to slowly wind down from full-time work, but wanting to stay busy, to the motivated, unemployed person determined to secure work.

In between are stay-at-home parents, students needing enough to cover living expenses, trades people wanting to fill gaps in their day and the goal-orientated person saving for a holiday, car or house (over-achievers who work 60-hour weeks).

Mrs Wilson said the success of Hive was because of a combination of factors.

"Timing is one, with the propensity for sharing economies, the uptake of smart phones, and people choosing lifestyle over the traditional 40-hour week.

"But, I believe it's also in Hive's ethos to connect everyday people to help each other out; whether that's needing an extra pair of hands to help build a fence or feeling great helping drive someone to their doctor's appointment and earning an income.

"Money is a motivator, but its more than that. It's a double win. And this is the culture we are cultivating in Hive.

"Where people do great things for each other, as opposed to seeing people as pure commodities."

But which comes first: The job or the worker?

" ... You can't have one without the other.

"It's the jobs to be had," she said.

"But that comes with a perception and societal behavioural change. That it's okay to ask for an extra set of hands, or to get those items done on your to-do list.

"We all secretly wish those little elves would visit in the middle of the night and do all those little tasks, like sweep away the cobwebs and clean the fridge or oven."

What's next in the grand plan?

"We are starting in Northland, learning from our community. Growing with our community. And taking those learnings and applying them in other regions.

"In the next 12 months, we see Hive throughout New Zealand being used as frequently as TradeMe to buy and sell goods.

"Now there's another option, that doesn't require you selling your possessions to make ends meet. You can find a market for your skills and earn money with your time," she said.

Mrs Wilson said the global opportunity the judges touched on can be seen in AirBnB and Uber.

"Making money from your available resources, be it a spare room, your vehicle or your time," she said.

"The US and UK combined sharing economy is estimated to be $6 billion by 2020 according to PwC. So, it is a massive opportunity to use your existing resources to earn extra money.

"And I believe, with the right ethos and values behind Hive, it will be the technologies that will help build strong communities of connectedness.

"Rather than disconnecting communities like Task Rabbit which block relationships and commoditise people in order to monetise every transaction.

"We state a NZ living wage of $19.80 p/h on our site as a suggested starting point."

By Nick Unkovich, published in the Northern Advocate, 23rd November 2016.

The shame and stigma of unemployment is rife

The shame and stigma of unemployment is rife

Did you know that in Japan, unemployed businessmen suit up and go across town to sit in a park all day rather than admit to being unemployed?

The shame and stigma of unemployment is something that is rife in New Zealand society. But why should it be? We all know that one person who is job hunting, most of us have been there ourselves at one point or another- yet no matter how hard we want to help, it’s really hard to know what to do when a friend is in trouble.

If it were as easy as giving them a job, we would be working alongside them tomorrow- but unfortunately there just isn’t the work to go round.

What if we were to tell you that the work is there?

What if we were to tell you that with one simple app, your friend can not only find work but contribute to their local community?

Hive is not some ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Hive is about everyday honest people, who need help.  Hive is about getting back to communities as they used to be. Where you would happily swap a freshly baked lasagne for your neighbour to mow your lawns. The days when if you were going into town, you’d pick a friend up on the way. If you had a skill you would share it, and get the same in return.

The days of smart phones and interactive technology means that most of us no longer talk to our neighbours. Hive is a way to encompass the new technology with the old ways, bringing community into the 21st century.

Hive – A business on the rise

Hive – A business on the rise

A business that stemmed from one woman's search for a gardener has taken out one of the main prizes at the Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards last Friday 28th October 2016.

Hive won the Northland Inc Innovate Award for best emerging business. 

The judges were full of praise for Hive, commending the job-matching business on moving strongly through their developmental journey with significant potential.

Founder, Vanessa Wilson came up with the idea for Hive after she struggled to find a gardener.

"I thought, there's got to be someone out there that needs a job but for whatever reason hasn't advertised their abilities," she says. 

She took her idea to Facebook, and the Hive concept was born.

Originally called Odd Jobbs, the group grew rapidly, gathering more than 3000 members in less than six months.

It was at this stage that Mrs Wilson was awarded a place at the Lightning Lab business acceleration programme in Wellington.

The mum-of-two says her biggest struggle was leaving her children and husband at the other end of the country while she developed Hive.

"I just had to keep reminding myself why I was there," she says, "If I weigh up those four months away from my family against developing something that can change an entire community I see it as a worthy investment of my time."

With a strong first year in business capped off by an impressive win, Mrs Wilson says she has big plans for the next 12 months.

"Ideally we'll make a switch from using a web-based app to an iPhone and Android app," she says. "But that's all I'm revealing at this stage!"

To celebrate their win, Hive have opened their software for everyone to use.

Register and start searching or listing odd jobs today on www.hiveapp.co.nz.


What is Hive? How does it work?

Hive is a trusted community marketplace for people to outsource odd jobs, find local services or complete flexible jobs to earn money.

The user lists a job they need done, and can have a list of possible people to help within minutes. Other users get notifications for jobs they may be interested in based on their profile.

The app is instant, and means that people can get casual work instantly and get odd jobs done when they need to be done.

Visit www.hiveapp.co.nz for more information.